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Alex and Franklin

It started with a friendship between Alex & Franklin while playing board games with their partners and, of course, drinking beer. In 2018 we shared the desire to do something new, something that would give us positive energy. We would like to emphasize from the start that we are not in it for the money, nor do we have the ambition to be the biggest or the best. What drives us, is to create exciting & unique moments and more importantly to share these exciting & unique moments. Holding a beer in our hands, the idea popped into our minds to make our own beer brand ourselves. And so the journey started...



EXLA’s Ripple is the first step of our journey. It is fresh, accessible, and light. The perfect companion to help you in creating moments. We sat down with Jasper from Eiber beer and he helped us create our own beer.  We wanted to create the perfect beer for the summer at the beach, which you can share with your friends. A beer that tastes delicious for everyone, which makes you thirsty for more.



The next steps of our journey will take us to places unknown. We have our dreams, our ambitions. So much to do, so little time. All we can say at this moment is that we have a lot of beer ideas in store.

  Franklin "The Games Master"

 One half of EXLA, the reasoning voice of the duo. Alex is my friend and my bro but can be an uncontrollable energy bomb sometimes. Still, love him, I need too. We have a company together now. Shit!

 My background is in sports (especially badminton) and project management. My passion is beer, games and spending time with my friends. Everything combined is EXLA!


  Alex "Your Local Creative Dude"

 The other half of EXLA, the honorable creative mind of the duo one would say. Sir Franklin is mah boi and can be ridiculous in many ways than one, that why I love the guy. He's stuck with me & I, him now, wouldn't have it any other way.
 My forte is pretty much, in a sense, all things creative. You name it and I can more than likely tackle it. Visual Design, branding, illustration & typography is my passion. But turning concepts into reality, bringing people together and creating unforgettable moments is my specialty! I'm a skater, gamer and overall fun lover, and I'll never say no to a good cup of coffee or a nice cold beer with friends.

 We transformed my existing freelance company into something even greater together, that I didn't imagine could be tangible! With all that said we bring to you EXLA!

"We Strive to Create Moments"
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