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  The Beer

 Here you will find the "team" that makes up the EXLA Beer line! Bringing you great taste & experiences, each team member is one of a kind. Each being a unique and memorable character, to say the least. So, take a look and get to know them better. 

Wanna get to know them more in person? Then order straight from our shop.

  Ripple - Witbier

 Hey Dudes, these two weirdos named Alex & Franklin brought me into existence. They gave me my fresh Caribbean/Indonesian charm. I guess you could call them my "Fathers" but let's not go that route haha. I'm all about them positive vibes where ever I go & with whomever, I'm with. You can find me chillin with some awesome beats or cruisin' along the streets looking for someplace to randomly meet up with friends to have a good time.

  Blaze - Spicy Belgian Tripel

 I’m a smooth yet spicy tripel, bringing that EXLA spicy twist to the crew. Let me dance on your tongue & acquaint you with peppers from Indonesia & South America. Great to use when marinating your meals & easy to pair with most foods, but I prefer a creamy cheese-platter, seafood or cooked birds, and even some of the sweetest desserts to balance those curious taste buds of yours within each moment! Crafty, Fierce, Spicy, & not afraid to speak my mind are just a few of the things I am known for. So when you need a bit of a twist in your day or ready to dance in the moment, I’ll make sure it won’t be one that you’ll forget.

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  EXLA Experimentals

  EXLA Experimental's core value is to collaborate and experiment with crazy ideas and awesome people. Whether it's with our EXLA Experimentals Brewer Oliver Gell or with another awesome collaborator, we're always in the creative brew lab whipping something up with the seasons. EXLA Experimental's is the creative science branch of EXLA. Here we push out limited runs of various tasting beers with exotic flavors & ingredients.

Have an idea? Want to test something out? Contact us to set a meeting up.

  EXLA Experimentals Beers
  EXLA Collab Brews

  Since one of our favorite things to do is collaboration with like-minded people and of course think of & try insane flavor combinations. Here you will see what & with whom we've done collaboration brews with.

Have an crazy flavor idea? Want to create something outside of your core range or brand? Contact us via the button or our contact page to set a meeting up.

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