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Typo-Ripple Safety Bundle

What you get:

- 3 bottles of our Limited Edition Artist Series Ripple by Kevin Rooi. Not only is this a smooth great tasting beer but also a collector's item as there are only a few that are in production.
- Kev x MixUps Limited Edition MENPO Mask
- MixUps Adult Coloring book (sent via email/personal message)
- Coaster/sticker set

- Want to buy more? Contact us for a custom order whether it's a 6-pack or a 24 case. 
-Want to buy the faceMask separately: Go to and let us know which Facemask you want to order, EXLA or Mixups mask by email
*Profits go-to all artists that we collaborate with.

Get to know more about the Artists Artwork here:

"Train Doodles"
Like the "Dada" art movement there is no consensus, so comes on the origin of the movement's name. Others note that it suggests the first words of a child, evoking a childishness and absurdity that appealed to the group. Still, others speculate that the word might have been chosen to evoke a similar meaning (or no meaning at all) in any language, reflecting the movement's internationalism. You can say this is the modern-day Dada, Graffiti/Typography vs Dada, Hip hop meets Dada. On the long train rides, Kevin would take in the Netherlands to family, friends or relatives you ride pass allot of graffiti and tags, he uses this as inspiration and with no consensus take Hip hop/R&B songs that he hears on his iPod and starts Hand-lettering to keep himself busy & to practice making his own font typography with his hands rather than using a computer to fill up the whole 2 pages.

Ripple is a smooth crisp thirst-quenching Wheat Beer with an exotic citrus aspect to its taste palate. What makes this wheat beer so unique is the infusion of Curacaoschil/lime & Indonesian Lime. Why these limes. Well, they are from the hometowns of both Alex (Curacao) & Franklin (Indonesia). So not only are you tasting something original and unique but also something with a bit of atmosphere, story, and history from the creators. Better yet, let Ripple speak for himself:" I’m a nice cold wheat beer, that goes great with a juicy burger straight from the bbq on a hot sunny day, chilling with friends. Letting you taste my citrusy goodness from 2 different nations, blending together to make an ever-evolving palette that satisfies your thirst for days… Leaving a constant flowing vibe that makes you wanna come back for more and take you to the seashore."

Typo-Ripple Safety Bundle

€25.00 Regular Price
€20.00Sale Price
VAT Included
  • ***Please note that MixUps' MENPOface masks are for personal use and are NOT a replacement for medical-grade masks like N95. This mask does not include a slot for a filter. For safety, follow the CDC guidelines for cloth masks. These masks are NOT suitable for medical use (and are therefore not covered by the infection prevention measures recommended by the World Health Oranisation (WHO); FFP2 N95). It has therefore not been proven that wearing the mask offers protection in the current situation . Do NOT purchase these masks if you believe they protect you from the Coronavirus. Rather, the masks are intended to protect others and thereby reduce spread. We recommend washing the masks regularly, ideally even daily, to keep them fresh and hygienic. For hygienic reasons, the masks cannot be returned.

  • Due to safety reasons, No returns on this product!

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