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Stay safe and represent EXLA with a nice big Ripple smile print on your face. Our FaceMasks are ready to provide you with that little extra safety while traveling to work or being out in the world. Great for people with glasses as well as this has less of a chance to fog up compared to most mask on the market.

-Each order comes with a Sticker & coaster pack ;)

*This Face Mask is one size fits most and has been made to retain its optimal shape even after it has been washed. The masks contain handy and comfortable elastic loops, are made of a soft, breathable & completely latex-free fabric.

*Want to have yours personalized with your name or with something extra?? Contact us for more details. (Please note this is on a minimum order of 2-4 pcs)


EXLA FaceMasks

SKU: A17
€15.00 Regular Price
€12.50Sale Price
VAT Included
  • ***Please note that EXLA's Ripple face masks are for personal use and are NOT a replacement for medical-grade masks like N95. This mask does not include a slot for a filter. For safety, follow the CDC guidelines for cloth masks. These masks are NOT suitable for medical use (and are therefore not covered by the infection prevention measures recommended by the World Health Oranisation (WHO); FFP2 N95). It has therefore not been proven that wearing the mask offers protection in the current situation . Do NOT purchase these masks if you believe they protect you from the Coronavirus. Rather, the masks are intended to protect others and thereby reduce spread. We recommend washing the masks regularly, ideally even daily, to keep them fresh and hygienic. For hygienic reasons, the masks cannot be returned.

  • Machine washable and completely reusable. Wash up to 60 ° C and hang out (dries quickly).

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